25 Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2

25 Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2

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25 Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2
Semester exam central can you or your teacher test out to your students. Hopefully your students will succeed with the maximum value and become the next generation of reliable and qualified and good morals.
25 Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2
In supporting teachers' efforts to measure the mastery of their students' materials, we present some of Semester exam central that can be tested and can measure your students' abilities. I am convinced that hard and earnest endeavor will ultimately produce a satisfying output (graduates).

The problems we presented are tailored to the indicators that must be achieved and controlled by students, so God willing will not deviate from the learning objectives undertaken Mr / Ms Teacher.

Soal Ulangan Tengah Semester  dapat Bapak atau Ibu Guru ujicobakan pada siswa-siswi Anda. Semoga Siswa-siswi anda akan berhasil dengan nilai yang maksimal dan menjadi generasi penerus yang handal dan berkualitas serta berakhlak yang baik.

Dalam mendukung usaha para guru mengukur penguasaan materi siswa-siswinya, kami menyajikan beberapa soal Ulangan Tengah Semester yang dapat diujicobakan dan dapat mengukur kemampuan siswa siswi Anda. Saya yakin dengan usaha yang keras dan sungguh-sungguh pada akhirnya akan menghasilkan output (lulusan) yang memuaskan.

Soal-soal yang kami sajikan disesuaikan dengan indikator-indikator yang harus dicapai dan dikuasai siswa, sehingga insyaAlloh tidak akan menyimpang dari tujuan pembelajaran yang dilaksanakan Bapak/Ibu Guru.
I . Choose  the Correct answer!

1. Who is the prisident of  Indonesia?
a. Megawati
b. Soekarno
c. Jokowi
d. Susilo Bambang Yudoyono

2. Mr. Buayar  is … .
a. The regent
b. The governor
c. The president
d. The Village chief

3. Where is the planets get the light?
a. From the moon
b. From the other planets
c. From the comet
d. From the sun

4. How many planets in solar system?
a. nine planets
b. eight planets
c. seven planets
d. one planet

Semester exam central What is this?
This is … .
a. tree
b. river
c. beach
d. Mountain

Read the text for number  6 – 8.
The Myth of Situ Bagendit
Once upon a time, in West Java there was a widow. Her name was Nyi Mas Inten. She was very rich. She never gave anything to the poor,so all of neighbours hated her. One day there was a beggar. The beggar asked for meal,but Nyi Mas Inten got angryand did not give anything. The beggar prayed to God. She wanted God to punish her.
6. Who’s Nyi Mas Inten?
a. father
b. mother
c. widow
d. widower

7. Was the widow very rich?
a. no, she was
b. no, She was’n
c. yes, she was
d. Yes, she is

8. Why all of neighbors hated Nyi Mas Inten? Because … .
a. Nyi Mas Inten is beautiful
b. Nyi Mas Inten never gave anything to the poor
c. Nyi Mas Inten rich
d. Nyi Mas Inten poor

9. Indonesia is a republic. The leader of republic is … .
a. King
b. Emperor
c. Ambassador
d. President

Matter of Spring Semester Problem
Andi : Shita  …  your bicycle, please?
Shita : Sure, here you are.
a. Could I borrow
b. Could I send
c. Could I read
d. Could I write

11. We are lived in …… planet.
a. Venus
b. Mars
c. Earth
d. Yupiter

Tito       : Mom,  …  ,please?
Mother : Ok.
a. Could you buy me an ice cream
b. Could you bring me an ice cream
c. You could buy an ice cream
d. You could bring an ice cream

What is this? 
This is … .
a. Star
b. Earth
c. Moon
d. Sun

14. A king has a wife. She is called ... .
a. Prince
b. Queen
c. Chife
d. Regent

15.The floor is dirty> Yu ask your sister to sweep the floor. You say … .
a. Don’t sweep the floor,please!
b. Sweep the floor,please!
c. Make the floor,please!
d. Don’t make the floof,please!

II. Fill in the blanks with the sultable word!

16. Situ Bagendit is a myth from  … .
Matter of Spring Semester Problem What is this?
This is … .

18. The eighth planet from the sun is … .
19. Translate in to indonesia!
Widow is … .
Semester exam central

A  …   leads a kingdom.

21. The governor of Cental  Java is ….
22. Your friend have a much pen. You need a pen for writing paper. You say … .

The blackboard is dirty. Your teacher says … .

24. Can you see a star in the night?
25. Arrange the word!
Will – I – bicycle – borrow – your.