40 Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Dan Kunci Jawabannya

40 Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Dan Kunci Jawabannya

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40 Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Dan Kunci Jawabannya
Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris  dapat Bapak dan Ibu Guru ujicobakan pada siswa-siswi Anda. Semoga Siswa-siswi anda akan berhasil dengan nilai yang maksimal dan menjadi generasi penerus yang handal dan berkualitas serta berakhlaqul karimah.

Dalam mendukung usaha para guru mengukur penguasaan materi siswa-siswinya, kami menyajikan beberapa soal UAS yang dapat diujicobakan dan dapat mengukur kemampuan siswa siswi kelas 5 SD/MI. Saya yakin dengan usaha yang keras dan sungguh-sungguh pada akhirnya akan menghasilkan output (lulusan) yang memuaskan.

Soal-soal yang kami sajikan disesuaikan dengan indikator-indikator yang harus dicapai dan dikuasai siswa, sehingga insyaAlloh tidak akan menyimpang dari tujuan pembelajaran yang dilaksanakan Bapak/Ibu Guru.
40 Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Dan Kunci Jawabannya


1. I look the moon at....
A. rainy C. night
B. sunny D. village

2. My stomach is sick I have....
A. penicillin C. stomachache
B. headache D. a cold

3. Andi : Let's go to library
Rini : Ok They want to....
A. reading books C. playing football
B. listening music D. watching the film

4. You can buy a stationery in the ....
A. movie C. bookstore bank
B. mosque D. bank
5. Ardi and Lia is crossing the road on ....

A. zebra C. Zebra cross
B. river D. Lift
6. Choose the correct sentence!

A. I read a newspaper C. Newspaper I readed
B. I newspaper read D. Readed newspaper I

7. My body is health make me ....
A. sad C. happy
B. tire         D. boring

8. The opposite of tall is ....
A. small C. tall
B. high D. short

9. I have a new shoes and a pair of....
A. watch C. sock
B. glass D. plate

10. There is a . . . in my home.
A. station C. airport lake
B. garden D. lake

11. Unyil and Ucrit are playing . . . in the yard.
A. kite C. playstation
B. chess D. computer

12. Kalimantan is in the . . . of Papua.
A. west C. north
B. east D. south

13. Astronauts go to the ....
A. star C. nothing
B. moon D. sun

14. The capitol city of West Java is ....
A. Jakarta C. Bandung
B. Banten D. Yogyakarta

15. a doctor works at a ….
A. library C. school
B. office         D. hospital

16. Tangkuban Parahu is a legend from....
A. West Java C. Center Java
B. East Java D. Sumatera

17. I . . . my mother with his phone.
A. write C. read
B. call D. eat

18. Apple, mango, jambo, avocado are ....
A. vegetables  C. animals
B. fruits D. insect

19. I am looking for new book reference in
A. toilet         C. library
B. swimming pool D. airport

20. We can see a lot of plane in the....
A. toilet         C. airport
B. swimming pool D. station railway

24. The sign mean untuk dijual is....
A. for sale C. toilet
B. discount D. for rent

25. The sign mean rumah makan is ……
A. dinning room C. airport
B. waiting room D. restaurant

26. The sign mean ruang tunggu is ...
A. dinning room C. hospital
B. waiting room D. bedroof

27. The sun shines in the....
A. west C. north
B. east D. south

28. Have you ever visited to the Pangandaran?
A. mount C. reservoir
B. beach         D. lake

29. Calculating machine is....
A. camera C. radio
B. calculator D. facsimile

30. We can hear many voice by using our....
A. head C. neck
B. nose D. ear


1. use a. . . for wiping the wrong words on the notebook.

2. Kurniawan is player football. He kicks the ball with his . . . .

3. We smell with our ………

4. My father save his money in the . . . on Jl. Jawa.

5. Bandung is in . . . Java.

6. The sun sets is in the ………

7. What colour of coffee? It is . . . .

8. What colour is your uniform? It is . . . .

9. The word INDONESIA have . . . vowels (huruf vokal).

10. There are . . . months in the year.


1. C. night
2. C. Stomachache
3. A. reading books
4. C. Bookstore
5. C. zebra cross
6. A. / read a newspaper
7. C. Happy
8. D. short
9. C. Socks
10.B. Garden
11. A. kite
12. A. West
13. B. moon
14. C. Bandung
15. D. hospital
16. A. West Java
17. B. Call
18. B. Fruits
19. C. Library
20. C. air port
21. A. the cinema
22. C. Postoffice
23. C. Canteen
24. A. for sale
25. D. restaurant
26. B. waiting room
27. B. East
28. B. Beach
29. B. Calculator
30. D. ear

1. eraser
2. foot
3. nose
4. bank
5. west
6. West
7. Black
8. white and red
9. five
10. twelve